ShotSquare™ Trains Players To Correctly Shoot a Basketball

Basketball shooters use different shooting techniques, but the one consistent characteristic of the GREAT shooters is a squared shooting elbow. ShotSquare teaches you that and more!

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How to shoot a basketball

Simplest, Fastest, and Most Effective Way to Learn
How to Correctly Shoot a Basketball 

Learning how to correctly shoot a basketball doesn't have to be made difficult. ShotSquare makes learning how to shoot a basketball simple and easy! ShotSquare is the easiest and most effective basketball shooting training product on the market. No other product does everything that the ShotSquare Trainer does. There are multiple benefits in this one easy, light weight training aid. Get started today!


The number-one reason why shots are missed long happens when the angle at the elbow is not L-shaped, but is V-shaped.  This causes the ball to be flung or catapulted at the hoop at a relatively flat angle.  A flat trajectory offers the ball only a small apparent hoop opening as well as often going long.  We see this not only in the pinch into a V at the elbow, but also when the ball comes close to the face or over the dominant-side ear in the middle of the lift. The Shot Square is a very effective teaching tool to keep the elbow at an L shape, which gives a better lift, a better arc and better results.  I have used it with many shooters with that shooting flaw with good success.

Bob Topp
National Director, Shot Doctor Basketball Shooting Camps
Private Shooting Coach
Coach at Annapolis Area (MD) Christian School

How to shoot a basketball

Creates a 90 Degree Shooting Elbow

Teaches you how to shoot a basketball by positioning the shooting elbow at the perfect 90 degree angle.

Keeps Elbow Under The Ball

Improves basketball shooting consistency by providing a visual aid to position the elbow directly under the ball.

Basketball shooting
Basketball shooting form

Improves Shooting Arc & Follow Through

Teaches the proper basketball shooting form by showing players the proper height of their follow through.

What People Say About ShotSquare

"Helps those players who are trying get from a two motion shot to a one motion shot. It works really really well and is simple to use. It's all about the angle of your shooting elbow. A lot of players get into the habit of catapulting their shot toward the basket. It locks your elbow into that perfect 90 degree shooting position. It helps with creating a smoother and faster shot giving you a fantastic one motion shot like Stephan Curry."

Shooting Basketball
Collin Castellaw
Trainer at ShotMechanics

“"Players have been told for years to get the ball off of the palm of your hand and to not dip the ball below your waist and yet Steph Curry sets the ball in his palm and Ray Allen dips the ball below his waist. Players see the best shooters in the world using different techniques effectively, but the one consistent characteristic is a squared shooting elbow. The ShotSquare™ is a great accountability tool to keep your elbow squared to the rim, but that is just the beginning. The ShotSquare™ also forces players to get their strength from their legs, as the 90 degree angle forces the ball up instead of out, giving players a more consistent arc on their shot. I have used this product on beginners all the way up to established international players and the results speak for themselves!"

Basketball shooting trainer
Reid Ouse

"I get a lot of players who come to me and we have to correct the "Chicken Wing" (elbow's flair to the side). The ShotSquare™ allows players to keep their elbow straight especially when they are practicing on their own. Having this tool to reiterate keeping the elbow straight, especially in younger players is the greatest part of the ShotSquare™!"

basketball shooting technique
Darnell Ford
Trainer at My Sky Elite

"When I was first informed about ShotSquare, I was intrigued because of how it could develop players shooting mechanics. All my clients literally love ShotSquare because it is the most comfortable way to improve and change a players shot without any added frustration."

Shooting Basketball
Chauncee Hollingsworth
Trainer at Hoops and Christ